I'm a water girl. Born and raised at the beach. I love the beach. It's my favorite place to get away from everything else. I take the best naps there too. The only way to truly enjoy the sand, sun and saltwater is to live either ON the beach or VERY close to it. Because I do hate to have all of that in my hair after the day is all said and done... an extra long and luxurious bubble bath usually comes next.

How else do I like to take care of myself whilst spending the day at the beach? Apart from sunscreen smeared on my body and SPF slathered on my lips, I beat the heat in comfortable sandals. Have you ever tried walking on the sand on a really (I mean REALLY) hot day? Don't try it! You won't be walking, more like running and hopping. Ha! ;) To keep your pretty toes and dainty feet safe, why not try some women's sandals by Reef? I love the colorful band on these leather uptown lux. Oh and the thick band on these Reef sandy love sandals. Ultra comfy and cute. Win win! No? Oh, and for the boy, he can get some cool sandals for men too. Like casual tan with these leather smoothy anniversary ones maybe? Or in bronzed brown like this pair of machados high? I like colors and he likes browns. Now you can both look cute, together, while spending a romantic day at the beach.

How do you keep your feet safe at the beach? Which sandals would you pick?

Written by Cat Wallace

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Gap 08/02/2014 18:05

I just bought a pair to Andreas for our holidays in Barcellona!!
XOX, Gap.

LITTLE PLASTIC HORSES 08/02/2014 19:59