Magdalena Frackowiak has such strong features and delicate lines. She's one of my favorite models.

Anna Selezneva is also my favorite. ;)

Written by Cat Wallace

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Ana 04/07/2014 19:32

I'm sorry. I assume this post is as amazing as all of your previous posts.....BUT I think about stopping following you because of all this advertising that pops up and the almost unability to see anithing of it because the request to follow you with the overblog reader. Sorry, but I followed you all of the last years but this is far too much. If you close the advertise windows in order to see your post, new advertisings open and I cand stand that anymore.

Lauren 04/07/2014 13:45

Absolutely beautiful, she looks just like Natasha Poly!

Fashion Musings Diary 04/07/2014 05:54

She's gorgeous!

Letitia- The Fashion Editor 04/06/2014 23:35

Just beautiful!

Laura 04/06/2014 20:13