I'm curious what YOU- my readers have to spout about Ms. Miley Cyrus. What do you love or hate about her? I'll admit, I do like some of her style choices and songs. I'll go as far to admit I like her more than Lindsay Lohan, Lady Gaga or the Kardashians. Miley may be blowing up the newsfeed with her antics, but she seems more low-key and real to me. What do you think?

Written by Cat Wallace

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jasonanderson001 03/11/2015 10:32

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Tee 03/03/2014 09:46

Can't stand her.

Courtney 03/01/2014 04:00

I love her music! I feel like people forget since she has been around for so long that she is only 21 years old. She's going through a phase while trying to figure out who she is. I don't think parents should let their young children buy her current CD or attend her shows. She has made it clear that is not the audience she is trying to appeal to. What a great discussion you have started here!

Amy 02/28/2014 12:30

I really like Miley Cyrus and I agree with the previous comment - I like the direction she is taking her music and I'm still enjoying her latest album. I think a lot of people have far too much to say about the way that she dresses etc and at the end of the day if she's having fun and is happy then thats all that matters.
In saying this I do think it would be nice for talented female singers to be known for their talent rather than their body, but unfortunately that doesn't seem to be enough to get you noticed these days.

Interesting topic! I'd like to see what other people say about this, great idea for a post!

Amy, X.

Guide for Ladies 02/27/2014 21:31

I would say that I love her current music. I like the soul/blues inspired songs A LOT. So, as far as that goes I really like her new music direction. However, i do not like her style, and her new hmm... behavior. Its so inappropriate, and I am tired of the -go naked and you will catch everyones attention- message these things send to girls. But, I do understand that it is not she that is the problem, it is the industry in itself.

Few female artists make it big without selling sex. Madonna did it, Britney, and Christina did it, Beyonce does it, and so on. Doesn't matter if you are great artistically, or have an amazing voice. For women there is little to no chance to get to the top in this business without taking your clothes off.

I do prefer Lady Gaga to Miley though. Because, even though I might not understand her much, she is more of an artistic soul to me.

I simply believe that most female artists would happily keep their clothes on if there was a way to be as famous and influential without it. But, I also believe that in the music industry (or lets say pop industry to be very specific) there is not.

Guide for Ladies 02/27/2014 21:45

Yes, I completely agree. I feel like it is such a shame that especially in this industry women in 2014 need to undress and promote their sexuality first, and then maybe also share some of their music with us. They are more sexual and undressed now than ever.

I remember when I first saw Chrisitnas video "Dirrty" and I was uncomfortable with my younger brothers watching it. Now, that seems like disney compared to ex Miley, rihanna, and others.

FASHION CHALET 02/27/2014 21:35

I agree clothes on seems crucial to me. Clothes off, seems demeaning and unnecessary. Men driven world, we women need to stand together and take a greater part in not listening to what men want or tell us to do!