Red Riding Hood and her Wolf

Fashion Model Lindsey Wixson, Michael Kors Makeup, Style inspiration, Fashion photography, Long hair
Fashion Model, Wolf, Style inspiration, Fashion photography, Long hair

Lindsey Wixson and a Wolf story.
Currently hooked on ONCE UPON A TIME... Who else is watching???

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Jane Alisa 04/03/2012 15:53

Lindsay is so pretty xoxo

Alice 04/03/2012 08:28

i love her girly fresh make up

Bomiko 04/03/2012 07:58

Awesome pictures!
I watch the show,too :)

Bella Davis - MODELL BLOGG 04/03/2012 07:51

lovely blog! please check out my model blog in new York City / London xoxo

Xeana 04/03/2012 07:28

Unfortunately, I was not watching. But these pictures are beautiful.